Verify existing and new customers for trusted subscriptions with KYC and AML solutions.

How Does Getaverify Help Telecom Providers Meet Identity Verification Needs?

Telcos are facing high threats of identity fraud during account opening, SIM swaps and other online financial transactions. Regulatory compliance for ID registration must be met with seamless verifications.

Here’s what to expect from Getaverify verification services for your evolving Telco Needs

Reduce Abandonment Rates

Manage friction in account opening and secure more clients with seamless onboarding solutions

Know Your Existing Prepaid Customer Base

Automate identity verification for prepaid accounts for millions of customers

Improve User Data Management

Receive reports and manage data on user interaction with visual evidence

Why Getaverify

Global Scale

Global Services covering 230+ countries and territories and over 3000 ID documents in 150+ languages.

Real-time Results

Verifications performed by automated software and identity experts in 30-60 seconds.

Data Management

Verification Reports with detailed information on customer logs and user interaction.