Why choose Getaverify

Getaverify is the new standard in Online Verification

With Getaverify you get an extensive enterprise solution which is much more than a simple Identity Verification. The core functionalities cover each step from verifying a user to the double-checking of riskier instances.


Take advantage of a 98.67% Accuracy Rate with Shufti Pro.

The Fastest Verification on The Planet

30–60 Seconds


Your customers cannot wait. Fast responses are the keys to reduce drop-off rates and check-out abandonment ratios. Shufti Pro’s verification flow is straight and to-the-point which provides excellent UI/UX to end-users, allowing them to perform the necessary verification steps very quickly. The results of each verification have a rapid response time of a minimum of 40 seconds. This makes Shufti pro the fastest verification service on the market.

Global Coverage

3000 ID Templates, 230+ Countries/Territories, 150+ Languages

Verify IDs of any origin, in any language, from any person in any country, anywhere. Getaverify combination of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Human Experts make it the first digital KYC solution to offer unique, complete, global coverage protection.
Apart from default-accepted ID documents, the system’s intelligence allows it to be easily customized in order to verify local health cards, voter IDs or regional travel IDs such as Laissez-passer etc., and in any script (Latin, Cyrillic, Cantonese or Arabic).

OCR – Data Extraction

Simplify collection of User Information

Reduce friction by simplifying how you gather end-user information and Getaverify will automatically extract text information (Name, DoB, MRZ and more) that is present on a document with the help of OCR technology. The end-user will only display or upload their IDs. The text extracted from an ID will be sent to the Client in an API response, or in the Back-Office for pre-completion of sign-up forms.

Verifications not affected by system or device inefficiency

Geolocation Verification

Track exact location for a Risk based Approach

Getaverify locates the origin of each verification by securing the information of Agent, IP, Device, and Area. By ‘knowing’ the geo-origin of each verification, Getaverify proactively ensures that the user is not engaging from a blacklisted or prohibited region.

Video Evidence

Reduce false chargebacks and legal set-backs

A user’s complete verification journey from start till finish is recorded in real-time in the form of a video clip. This video clip shows in detail each verification step attempted by the user; displaying their ID documents, interaction with the webcam etc. This video is provided to the Client in the form of a playable video in the Back-office.

Generate Reports

Easily manage customer or user records with a summary report

Collect complete verification data in a downloadable report format displaying KYC logs, user’s information, time stamps and comments displayed on it. Use this report to submit to banks, release payments or for creating a backlog

Hybrid Technology

Artificial Intelligence & Human Intelligence

Getaverify diligent technology is a synergy between automated A.I. checks and analysis by Human Verification experts. Owing to legacy compliance needs and regulations with a strong focus on manual diligence, businesses require a solution which not only fulfils the requirements of an automated system but also addresses all and any gaps. Getaverify verification process not only goes through automated computerized checks but as an added security layer, expert Human Verification individuals comprehensively assess each image or video in record time