On-premises KYC and AML Solution for Data-sensitive Industries

Verify your customers seamlessly using
on-premises solution.

If you’re operating in the industry within a pure on-premise environment where data security is crucial, on-premises solutions are essential.

Want to verify your customers before onboarding them?

Host Shufti Pro’s global identity verification services on your server and verify identities in real-time

Getaverify On-premises Solution is Suitable for


Financial Services

Payment Industry



Achieve Strong Data Residency

Companies with extra sensitive security regulations should ensure a certain level of security which can be achieved by the on-premises deployment of identity verification services.

Comprehensive Access to Entire Verification Suite

Getaverify On-Premises IDV solution empowers businesses to access multi-tier verification services. Choose services from our global IDV suite that perfectly fits your needs.

Breeze Through Regulatory Compliance Needs

On-premises data handling for firms under regulatory controls like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and any such regulations is imperative. Shufti Pro provides businesses with a comprehensive service to help them practice effortless KYC/AML compliance anywhere in the world.

Host our On-premises IDV solution and efficiently comply with data privacy regulations by securing your customers’ data.

Build User Trust in Your Business with Strong Data Privacy

Data theft or security breach can taint your business and cause distrust among customers.

Provide your customers with essential privacy assurance to prevent negative brand reputation and ensure a trustworthy customer onboarding with the on-premises deployment of Getaverify identity verification solution.