NFC Verification – Secure, Instant, Reliable

What is NFC-based Identity Verification?

More than 81% of smartphones are now NFC-enabled

The NFC-based identity verification uses the NFC
capability of a smartphone to read the user’s data
from biometric identity documents and validate
the identity of a user by authenticating ID
document and matching user’s live selfie

Fully Automate Identity Verification with Near-field Communication

Over 50% of online retail purchases are through mobile
e-commerce. NFC verification solution utilizes the latest
technology in smartphones – near field communication
– to provide a better and easier identity verification
experience to the end-users and enhanced results to
the businesses. All the user needs is a smartphone with
NFC capability and a government-issued biometric
identity document to get themselves verified.

How NFC Verification Works

Globally Supported Documents

NFC-enabled Passport

NFC-enabled ID Cards

NFC-enabled Drivers License

An Optimal KYC Process for Customer Onboarding

Scan. Verify. Onboard.

56% of customers in the UK abandon the KYC process
due to complex checks.
NFC verification solution makes
it easier for you to conform to stringent compliance
regulations while giving a great customer experience

Getaverify NFC Verification is an ideal KYC solution
for organisations looking forward to digital
transformation. With our NFC verification solution
for mobile onboarding, your end-users only need a
mobile phone and NFC-enabled identity document.

Prevent Fraud Efficiently with NFC Technology

NFC verification solution authenticates customer
identities through modern chip-based identity
documents. These chips on e-passports and ID cards
contain similar information as printed on the
document but in a more secure way. The information
present in the chip is properly encrypted and
digitally-signed, that’s why it can’t be manipulated.