Know your patient (KYP)

Better healthcare with AI-based identity verification of patients

Deliver better healthcare with seamless patient identification

KYP is crucial for the security of hospitals and patients from insurance and health frauds. But tedious patient verification processes often cause friction in extending timely medical care to the patient. Healthcare sector needs a balanced approach to patient identification.

Patient verification and patient data protection is the regulatory obligation under laws such as HIPAA and HITECH of the U.S, the NHS Regulation of England and the GPHC guidance of UK.

KYP solution authenticates patient identifiers in a seamless manner to meet customer identification policy standards.

Stay clear of medical fraud

Gain multiple benefits with patient identification solution

Identify the patient’s ID online when providing remote medical services.

Online pharmacies can identify patients online for responsible selling.

Confirm KYP obligations for on-premises and online medical services.

Practice ongoing patient authentication for continuous services.

Stay clear of medical identity thieves through facial verification.

Verify government-issued IDs to fight insurance frauds.

Choose from flexible pricing plans with easy integration

Getaverify provides flexible pricing plans (pay-as-you-go & monthly commitment) and easy API (for desktop) and SDK (for android and iOS devices) integration to make the process simpler.

Now you can verify your patients online and on-premises with the customizable

Provide prescription only medicines online with ID and age verification

Unauthorized selling of Prescription Only Medicines (POM) is illegal under medicines regulations. Verification of buyer/patient’s age and ID helps prevent unlawful usage of these drugs. AI-powered ID verification and patient age verification will empower you to practice responsible selling while protecting yourself from fraud and non-compliance penalties