Facial Biometric Authentication for Ongoing KYC

3D Biometric Technology for Hassle-free Authentication

Shufti Pro’s biometric authentication technology uses 3D liveness detection to quickly and securely authenticate users with a selfie. Biometric login removes friction and delays, easing the login process

3D Liveness Detection

3D liveness detection feature to capture live biometric data for accurate matching

Anti Spoof Protection

Protect and safeguard against spoofing attempts and presentation attacks


Quick and easy developer options to integrate with any platform

Fast Authentication

Facial authentication within seconds with AI-powered mapping techniques

Identity Proofing

Face biometric data stored in secured servers for evidentiary proof

Ongoing Transaction Authentication

High-end authentication for ongoing KYC

Use Biometric Identification to Make Ongoing KYC Effortless

Getaverify biometric authentication provides a speedy and
cost-effective approach to compliance and fraud prevention
customized to your business needs.

Use Cases

KYC and AML Compliance

Breeze through regulatory compliance

Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud with ongoing bio authentication

Online Banking

Provide safe online banking experience

Airport Security Screening

Verify passengers within 5 seconds

Screening at Entrance Points

Make entrance point security seamless

Payment Authentication

Validate payments using biometric sign-in

Age Verification

Verify users age at sign-ins

Webinars Sign-ins

Protect sign-ins with bio authentication

Passwordless Authentication

Authenticate using a simple selfie