Verification as Simple as Taking a Selfie

Omit payment frauds, account takeovers and
reduce high drop-off rates with AI-powered face
recognition technology. Provide your customers
with the most secure and fastest selfie-based
onboarding method. Say goodbye to physical
keys, passwords and KBAs

How Getaverify Face Verification Works

End-user uploads a photo
of government-issued
identity document

End-user takes a live
selfie using mobile
or webcam

Getaverify matches the user’s
selfie with the photo on ID

Verification results are
delivered and proof is
stored in back-office


AI-powered Facial Recognition technology for accurate identity verification and fraud prevention

Getaverify face verification solution leverages advanced
artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to
accurately identify and verify human faces. Shufti Pro is
the first of its kind to incorporate advanced anti-spoofing
measures for fraud prevention.

3D Depth Analysis

To detect any photographic data used for
possible spoof attack

Liveness Detection

To capture live biometric data for accurate
face matching

Microexpression Analysis

To analyse human expression such as
blinking, and smiling for liveness detection

AI Mapping

To accurately match human face through
AI-mapping techniques

80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords

Getaverify Face verification solution makes password-based
access management a thing of the past. Now integrate facial
recognition online and protect your businesses against
common cyber threats including reverse engineering,
account takeover, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks.

Why Face Verification?

Stronger Authentication

Passwords are no longer secure due to phishing attacks. Face recognition online delivers a more secure and reliable authentication method combating identity frauds.

No Credential Stuffing

Credential stuffing is a common cyberattack practice to access user accounts. Incorporate facial biometrics for user authentication and make credential stuffing useless.

Enhanced User Experience

Reduce customer drop-off rates by verifying their identities in one go. Speed up authentication process for enhanced user experience through selfie-based facial recognition system

Put Biometric Facial Recognition to work!

Selfie Logins

Say good-bye to passwords and KBAs.
Shufti Pro’s advanced face authentication
technology swiftly verifies users and unlocks
their digital identities.

Multi-factor Authentication

Step-up authentication game for account logins with face identification as a secondary
authentication factor and prevent unauthorised
access and account takeover frauds.

High-risk Transactions

Authenticate transactions through live selfie of
the user before processing the payment. Avoid
card-not-present (CNP) and chargeback frauds
with face identification.

Self Check-ins

Eliminate in-person security checks with face
recognition system and normalize secure and
quick self check-ins to allow authorised
access to users.