Data Extraction with OCR

Switch to Automated IDV and reduce manual workload for Know Your Customer procedures. Improve onboarding time with minutes, increase conversions and remove drop-offs.

Getaverify offers OCR making Identity Verification process entirely automated.

Remove unnecessary minutes from customer onboarding and make it more seamless.

How it works?

End user will Display their ID in front of camera , information from the ID (Name , DOB , etc) is auto extracted with OCR

user is shown the option to edit or add more information

Getaverify verifies the ID and information, extracted information is sent back to the client along with the results.

Getaverify is serving a global clientele with its unrivaled services.


Support for multiple lingual scripts. Latin,chinese,arabic and more


information can be extracted from multiple ID types (Passport , Utility Bills Driving License Etc.)


Information on papers from handwritten from can be extracted with accuracy.

Hybrid Technology

The Combination of human intelliogence and artificial intelligence technology is utilized to provide high precision


It provides services more than 200 countries