Biometrics + I Agree = Consent Verification

Authenticate customers with just a live selfie-and unique printed or hand-written message. Payment frauds and false chargebacks are rising and simple ‘I agree’ checkboxes are not enough to take user’s consent. They don’t provide any adequate evidence on who checked that box. Integrate Shufti Pro’s state of the art Consent Verification Service to take digital consent of your customers before proceeding. With anti-spoofing measures and advanced AI technology, Getaverify verifies and authenticates the user’s biometric identity and consent note in real-time.

How Biometric Consent Verification Works?

End-user shows their face to the camera holding consent note of client’s choice
checks for remote user presence and verifies the unique consent note
Definitive Verification results are delivered and proof is stored in the back-office

Note: Client decides the unique message for consent as well as the type of document to be used.

Customized Consent Note as per Client’s Choice

Biometric Consent Verification empowers businesses to either select a predefined document template or customized document as a consent note to verify end user’s consent.

Customized Note

A unique consent message defined by the client (handwritten or printed note as per the client’s choice)

Predefined Template

Any specific document selected by the client (company documents, employee card, etc.)

Reduce False Chargebacks and Payment Frauds Through Biometric Screening

Chargeback requests amount to $40 billion annually.

How to ensure that the authorised user is agreeing to process
payment or open an account? Catch imposters in real-time with
biometric consent verification. Shufti Pro lets you authenticate
a user’s biometric ID and consent note before processing any
payment. Avoid false chargeback claims with solid evidence in
the form of biometric login.

Serve Customers with Biometric Identification

Businesses require a robust biometric identification system
to ensure KYC procedures are fast and convenient.

Getaverify biometric service incorporates thousands of
AI models for swift and reliable user verification. With
features like liveness detection, 3D-depth analysis and
microexpression analysis, our biometric face recognition
 ensures the remote presence of an
authorised user at the time of verification.

Replace Obsolete Age Checks with Biometric Consent

‘I’m 18 years old” checkbox doesn’t guarantee the user
is actually above 18 years.

Replace outdated age verification checks with AI-powered
biometric consent system. Verify a user’s identity in real-time
through facial recognition while taking biometric consent and
limit minors from accessing age-restricted products and services.