Touchless security screening for arenas, conferences and public facilities

Getaverify Touchless Kiosk uses four checks to make the verification process more secure

Document Verification

User’s identity document is scanned in realtime and matched against the enrolled information. Getaverify document checks facilitate fast and secure verification.

Facial Recognition

Attendee’s face picture is captured using the camera. Getaverify AI facial recognition technology extracts the individual biometric facial features and matches them against the unique faces enrolled in the database.

Palm Recognition

User is asked to show their palm to the camera and our touchless palm recognition technology, using features such as palm-vein recognition and handprint recognition, validates the identity of audience entering your public facilities and conferences.

Voice Recognition

Attendee is prompted to speak the text displayed on the kiosk screen. The voice is analysed and compared with the recorded user voice. In case of a match, they are allowed to enter the premises.

Security clearance with Getaverify Touchless Kiosk