The AML Suite

Getaverify enables the businesses to prevent money laundering and financial crimes in their channels. With our complete AML suite you can screen out the suspicious entities within seconds

Batch Screening

Screen your existing clientele through Getaverify real-time AML screening solutions to identify high-risk customers

AML for Businesses

Verify business entities and conduct background screening of ultimate beneficial owners to reduce risk to zero

Ongoing AML Screening

Maintain updated risk profiles of your customers through ongoing AML screening as per client-defined schedule

What makes Getaverify AML Screening Solution Stand Out?

Know the risks associated with the identities to protect your business from AML compliance fines

Interactive User Interface

Screening within a Second

Access to 1700+ Datasets

Enhanced Data Security

Proof of Screening

Fully Automated Monitoring

Seamless API Integration and Connected WorkflowsSeamless API Integration and Connected Workflows

Achieve flexibility with our easy to integrate AML services in your existing workflow using multiple integration options. Our interactive and easy-to-navigate interface makes it possible for organisations to frictionlessly perform AML screening in real-time

Restful API


Android SDK

React Native SDK

How it Works

Getaverify encompasses two ways to screen your customers. Simply send customer data through an API or upload it in the back-office. The results will be displayed in the backoffice with extensive proof of verification.


Enter the Name and DOB of the end user


Name & DOB screened against
Global AML Watchlists


Results are given in real-time

Screen Your Entities in Seconds

Getaverify AML engine is developed using thousands of AI models to reduce false positives

The Anti-money Laundering software performs user and business screening against AML databases within seconds to identify high-risk entities in real-time. Our solution leverages advanced technology and synergises artificial intelligence and human intelligence to deliver highly accurate results.

Screen your end-users against global sanction, watchlists and adverse media databases issued by OFAC, FATF, HMT and many others

Quickly fulfil AML compliance requirements through automated AML checks combined with ID verification

Screen against databases of 1700+ criminal watchlists, sanction lists, and PEPs lists

Maintain updated risk status of your clients with scheduled AML screening against a frequently updated database

AML Screening of Businesses

Every business has an identity. We verify it for you

AML Compliance Services for Every Industry






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