AML Datasets

Competitive AML Solutions for High Magnitude Industry Risk

Validate anti-money laundering procedures with advanced AML datasets acquired from global regulatory bodies.

AML datasets delivered through email

Get instant access to millions of high-risk
profiles and corporations worldwide

Steer clear of illegitimate customers and businesses with Shufti Pro’s AML data sources:

  • Exhaustive dataset of 1700+ global watchlists, PEPs and sanction lists 
  • Data acquired under the guidelines of FATF, GDPR, and OFAC 
  • Real-time monitoring of the full spectrum of critical sanction lists
  • Global network coverage of 230+ countries and territories
  • AML database regularly updated every 15 minutes 

AML screening in accordance with global standards


Stay abreast of law-breaking activities and illegal entities to minimise reputational risk.Implementation of anti-money laundering measures at Shufti Pro are in line with recommendations from international bodies for preventive security methods. We assist businesses in establishing comprehensive security standards to engage only with legitimate parties and suppliers.

Data sources include:

International Watchlists

Warnings and Regulatory Enforcement

Fitness and Probity

Politically Exposed Persons

Adverse Media