Touchless airport security clearance in 5 seconds

Robust airport security checks in 5 seconds

 Getaverify contactless security system implies four
checks to make the verification process more secure

Document Authentication

Traveler holds their govt-issued identity document to the camera and the system matches MRZ/Bar code against the already enrolled user information. Identity documents, either passport, identity card or driver’s license, can be used to go through airport security checks. TSA obligates carrying ID documents to clear airport security.

Facial Recognition

Passenger shows their face to the camera and Shufti Pro’s AI-powered facial recognition technology extracts unique biometric facial features and matches them against the facial data recorded in its database.

Palm Recognition

Display the palm of the hand to the camera for validation and Shufti Pro’s palm recognition technology, using a variety of matching techniques, verifies that the customer is who they claim to be.

Voice Recognition

The passenger is prompted to speak the text displayed on the kiosk screen. Their voice is transformed into digital data which is compared with the voice recorded at the time time of sign up.

Benefits of Getaverify contactless airport security clearance kiosk