Age Verification Solution

Protect your minors and fulfil regulatory obligations to deter fraud

Getaverify Age Verification Service

Confirming minimum age check requirements is inevitable and the “I’m 18 years old” checkbox is not enough. A digital age verifier solution for verification of customer’s age is the need of the hour. Integrate Getaverify Age Verification Service and perform online age verification with ease

Our solution employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and performs multi-factor authentication on customers to check if the original age of the person lies within the age bracket specified by the merchant.

Getaverify age verification service verifies the age, authenticates the ID documents and performs biometric authentication in a single verification to ensure thorough screening of the customer

The verifications results are cross-checked by human experts to reduce any false positives. Moreover, in the case of failed verification, the declined reasons with proof of verification are reported.

Effective Age Verification with Getaverify

Getaverify identity screening solution enables you to onboard legitimate
customers while securing your business and minors from fraudsters

Age Verification

Getaverify age verification solution extracts date of birth from government-issued ID documents, to calculate the current age of the person. Other credentials such as name, address and ID card number are also verified to perform in-depth identity screening. AI-based solutions are empowered to verify the default format of the identity documents as well.

Fraud Prevention

Practice real-time fraud intelligence with online customer identity screening. Getaverification solutions require a government-issued ID and a selfie to authorize the purchase, leaving no loopholes for fake or stolen IDs. Stay clear of savvy minors using the IDs of their elders and criminal entities lurking around with stolen identities ready to exploit minors and your business.

Liveness Detection

Owing to an increase in spoofing activities, Getaverify employs state of the art anti-spoofing technique featuring liveness detection and 3D depth perception. Our digital age verifier incorporating biometric authentication ensures that the customer making a purchase or creating an account is physically present.

Ongoing Investigation

After successfully verifying your customer, Shufti Pro’s online authentication ensures that only the original owner of the account can log in and make purchases online. It also verifies identity during the ongoing session.

Key Benefits of Age Verification

Get a fair share of the digital revolution and sell to customers in different regions, by verifying their identity and age in real-time. Gain from our experience of verifying people in more than 230 countries and territories.

Fulfil your fraud prevention needs and regulatory obligations with one solution. Add AML screening to your customized solution and satisfy AML screening requirements. Perform age verification, KYC verification and AML screening in one go.

Equally useful for online and in-store age verification. Easy to use solution is designed to deliver a seamless customer experience, where an entity can be verified within seconds

Single API integration and a few minutes are all you need to be up and running. iOS and Android SDKs ensure smooth integration across different mediums. Our dedicated tech team will be happy to provide a customized Hosted Verification Page (HVP) to cover your technical needs.

Set the desired age limit and frequency of ongoing screening. Getaverify enables you to develop a customized identity verification solution that fits your budget and regulatory requirements.