Online Identity Verification

Industries & Use Cases

Getaverify empowers businesses across industries to fulfill their regulatory obligations and eliminate fraud without adding friction to the customer experience.

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Financial Services

The compliance regime sees the toughest requirements when it comes to Financial Institutions, online or legacy. This considerably increases the case-sensitive nature of services which are offered by Banks, Creditors, MSBs, Unions, Forex and others.

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Getaverify ID verification platform is designed in such a way that it can easily and securely establish the verified identity of customers through Digital KYC (Know your Customer), and assess any associated risks, with the help of our comprehensive Anti-Money Laundering PEP model.

Getaverify can verify more than 3000 types of identity documents.

Peer to Peer Economy

Sharing services are built on trust between two parties. How do you ensure that people are who they say they are and not an ID fraudster? It involves a flow of sensitive data from person to person – that in the wrong hands can constitute considerable losses and risk individual privacy.

A flexible ID verification solution that is not disproportionately expensive is ideal to prevent identity theft in any system as well as to ensure that only verified individuals are able to share sensitive information. Getaverify provides an ultra-fast KYC service that provides an impressive UX sharing platform that performs accurate verifications without adversely affecting conversion rates.


Whether you are an online casino, a betting or poker platform or a fantasy sports portal, you often lose conversions due to user abandonment, or experience fraud by accepting illegitimate players. The gaming industry is a new addition to the fold of required compliance operations.

These businesses particularly, together with all financial institutions and most other businesses are now able to minimize the risk involved with Getaverify. Our technology and compliance experts understand the unique demands of online gaming platforms and financial institutions. Our services expand to ensure due diligence for players and bet wagers.


AML/CFT compliance regulations for ICOs, and Funding Platforms, especially virtual currency, pose a risk and cost problem to businesses. As day by day countries are implementing strict rules for crypto and fiat online funding, ID verification platforms are quick to address it.

An automated system with quick verification response time is key to a successful online token sale or fund raiser without having to compromise comprehensive Identity verification. Getaverify ensures complete due diligence provide a better use experience to customers.


The telecommunications industry has a diversified pre-paid and post-paid user base which by law is required to be biometrically verified in order to make ensure provision of SIM(s) and online accounts to original customers.

The ID Verification API by Getaverify can easily be integrated into all legacy systems in order to verify all existing and recurring customers. The API can be customised and integrated with Government platforms to screen against existing citizen databases.


Online bookings, and customer reward points give immediate boost to Airlines, and Ticketing platforms but also opens the possibility of transaction fraud or account takeovers. Biometric authentication plays a key role in rectifying this.

Getaverify dual document verification process provides complete coverage for verifying travel documents from all countries as well as securely verify credit/debit cards during online check-outs.


Secure business against false charge-backs and compliance risks.

The boom of FinTech opened a special topic of digital compliance in order to address legal prerequisites for cybercrime. As a result various state, regional and global level regulations were introduced i.e, GDPR, BaFin, FINMA, FINCEN and more. In order to collectively address these, Getaverify ID verification platform – whilst online – continues to fulfil requirements ensuring that businesses do not mis-comply or face hefty fines.

  • ID & Facial Recognition for Know Your Customer Compliance
  • PEP and Sanctions screening for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
  • Pre-risk assessment model to achieve Counter Funding of Terrorism

Account Opening

With the rapid expansion of global technology, physical distances between customers and business has drastically reduced with the help of online services. This means customers no longer have to wait in long queues or make multiple site visits for account purposes, be it banks, treasuries, money transfers and so on. However, without a secure authentication of Users, businesses may risk opening themselves to negative actors and/or procedures and risks. How can Getaverify resolve this?

  • Remote Authentication with the help of Liveness Detection
  •  Sleek and Simple verification process to reduce drop-off rates
  • Verify IDs, Passports, Utility Bills and more in required documents

Age Verification

Secure businesses against false charge-backs and poor compliance

Tough regulations require businesses to ensure that the flow of sensitive services like prohibited drug information or gambling do not reach underage children. If clients wants to ascertain that a user belongs to a certain age group depending upon regulations then Getaverify will set a maximum and minimum DoB range to form an age bracket. During OCR, the scanned DoB is determined against this age bracket.

  • Restrict underage users from entering the system
  • Check the DoB on a verified ID card, Passport etc to ensure user is of age
  • Verify consent with user’s biometrics (selfie and a handwritten note)

Investor Verification

Financial Institutions are required to screen all potential investors to satisfy not only the regulations (AML/CFT) but also to ensure that they are legitimate citizens of a country and hold valid ID documents to go through the KYC process. Getaverify provides a complete set of services which processes Identity Verification as well as AML/CFT measures for crowd-funding and lending platforms.

  • Screen investors against watchlists that are financially at-risk
  • Identify and restrict investors from sanctioned countries like China or US
  • Verify 3 months old address documents in any shape or form

Fraud Prevention

Bots and hackers are becoming increasingly more intelligent to overcome the security barriers in place in an online environment. Because of this, businesses need the Getaverify protection and solution which is robust when it comes to addressing different areas of Fraud which includes but is not limited to Identity Theft, Spoofing, Account Takeovers, Chargeback, and Card Not Present Fraud.

  • Robust combination of Machine Learning, A.I. and Human Experts
  • Remove fake IDs use, and Identity Theft from the system
  • Complete verification done in real-time to reduce change of bots

Customer Onboarding

The process of onboarding can make or break a user’s impression of any business. Due to heightened regulatory requirements, due diligence processes have grown to be stringent. This has an adverse impact on user experience during sign-up processes. A lack of preventive measure during onboarding may also leave grey areas open to fraud such as consent management. Read this whitepaper to learn how you can make onboarding effective with Getaverify

  • Use OCR technology to reduce manual information input
  • Remove fake users or bots by help of Biometric Authentication
  • 2FA for verified phone numbers for information sharing